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In order to cater to your needs better, we have categorised our masterclasses into the themes below. Within each theme covered, under each masterclass title, you'll find a summary of what we'll cover during the session. 

Theme: Improving Your Online Presence

An overview with a diagnostic exercise & digital marketing applications – 4 hours virtual delivery or face to face workshop*

Getting the best from remote working applications, cloud-based apps, client relationship marketing tools, Project Management tools, hosting great webinars, deploying admin tools, exploring ecommerce solutions, cyber security with an introduction to GDPR – 4 hours virtual session or face to face workshop*

A first look at creating a digital sales funnel, creating a digital offer that is engaging and helps to drive the customer conversation, how to hold separating business and consumer conversations, an introduction to CRM tool, how to use market research tools and a look at generating traffic to your website – 4 hours virtual session or face to face workshop*

An introduction into your business and its online branding, building sales online and customer planning – 4 hours virtual session or face to face workshop*

This is to help businesses that are developing their online brand for the first time with research to assess opportunities and threats, profiling your online customer or client and how to use social media, key words and to explore search engine optimisation, to drive traffic and customers to you - 4 hours virtual session

This session will explore Google Ads and Pay per click (PPC) – looking at what techniques drive traffic to your website, defining your target audience, what are AdWords campaigns, keywords, ad landing pages, exploring basic SEO and how to manage your return on investment - 4 hours virtual session

How to integrate into your digital innovation strategy, looking at competitor research, search engine optimisation (SEO) and an introduction into Pay Per Clock (PPC), techniques around social marketing, content & email marketing - 4 hours virtual session

For those businesses wanting to take the next step with their online development, this is an overview of sales and marketing online, a look at enhancing your on-line strategy, Search Engine Marketing, getting the best from your branding, a look at storytelling, along with developing your online presence and how to analyse and measure your online  success – 8 hours face to face session*

Theme: Data security, anti-malware solutions, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for SMEs

In this masterclass your business will be gaining awareness into the challenges SME’s face in today’s digital world, in particular around cyber security and online protection, GDPR & data requirements along with privacy and practical compliance – full day face to face* or virtual session

To keep your business safe and secure, this session will help you to recognise online threats, how to highlight suspicious activities that may have an impact on your business, give you insights into the measures you can take around GDPR along with implementing processes in your business that will help support you ­- 4 hour virtual session

With your copyright, trademarks and products being some of your most valuable business assets, this session will look at how you can both protect and make the most of them ­- 4 hour virtual session

Theme: Online productivity and remote working tools with cloud-based collaboration applications

The session looks to raise your awareness and give insights into how to get the best from business tools that include CRM, HubSpot, Slack, ERP, WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom, Canva, Dropbox,, Google Drive, Evernote, Pocket and Salesforce - 4 hours virtual session

This the changes in working patterns that we have all experienced in the last year, this session looks at business working options around cloud based access, document collaboration, video conferencing, project management tools, time management tools, communication, customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, ensuring your business is accessing the best options for hybrid working - 4 hours virtual session

This masterclass will give you a thorough insight into how to use Business Data to Innovate - using analytics to improve your website, next level analytics, using  analytics information and measuring website ROI and success - 4 hours virtual session

Theme: Online accounting, secure transactions and raising finance digitally

As many funders turn their services online gain an insight into the various forms of funding available to support the launch or growth of your business and understand the key requirements of successful funder approaches. And explore which accounting software may suit your business, allowing you to work anywhere whilst keeping your finger of your financial stats - 4 hours virtual session

This is a run through of which Apps can hep you to run your business, keeping your transactions up to date, keep debtors low, keeping things simple – this will include options around invoicing, forecasting and payroll using Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Expensify, Receipt Bank and others - 4 hours virtual session

Theme: Content Creation and social media platform clinics

An expert review of LinkedIn profile for businesses in engaging with their target audience - 4 hour virtual session

Developing your online presence and audiences as well as increase awareness of your brand and establish expertise in your field through podcasting - 4 hour virtual session

You want to use paid for digital adverts so this clinic will help you get the most of out the content you create for Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) - 4 hour virtual session

You hear the phrase a lot, but what is content marketing, how are you going to get the most out of it and how can you evaluate its success for your business? - 4 hour virtual session

In this digital presence workshop/masterclass, we will show you how to plan your content marketing, SEO and PPC by starting with understanding keyword optimisation. This will also include a live exercise using a Keyword generation tool that enables you to see how to compile an appropriate list of keywords and phrases that your audience might use to find your products or services.

Working together, we’ll use this information to create a content plan that covers both inbound and outbound marketing techniques using templates that you can take away to complete and effective strategy. We’ll explain how SEO works and how you can use the content plan to create an effective SEO strategy which can be rolled out as part of a main delivery plan. This will include PPC campaign set up training, using A/B testing to optimise your advertising and writing an effective, keyword linked campaign that ties into your SEO and content.

Theme: Inspiring Your Digital Future

Amazon is the largest online retailer, globally and it is innovating and changing daily.  This session will run through the basics a business will need to start to sell on Amazon, whether that be as a direct wholesaler to Amazon or as a selling partner.  This could be a move that revolutionises your business - 4 hour virtual session

How selling online (E-commerce) can help change your business model to reach new customers, launch new products and explore new markets, both in the UK and globally - 4 hour virtual session

What are the tools that are coming down the line and what might our business using futures look like as digital technology helps us to innovate 4 hour virtual session

Great data in your business can help with decision making and connecting closely with our customer.  This session will look at using the data available to you to help run your business effectively 4 hour virtual session

* The Digital Cheshire project is mindful of the ongoing Covid-19 infection fluctuations and we will assess the risks of all face-to-face sessions. Where practical, sessions may be delivered via MS Teams or Zoom if the risk of attending a physical masterclass is raised.

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