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Breaking Bad Security

Recognise the Changing Faces of Cyber Attacks and Ensure Your Business is GDPR compliant.

This two-part masterclass, delivered by industry expert Holly Grace Williams, covers all the major aspects of cybersecurity and privacy that a small business should worry about.

“Brilliant masterclass, Holly was extremely knowledgeable. Lots to takeaway.”

Breaking Bad Security: Part A
From GDPR requirements, cyber attacker motivations, ransomware and phishing attacks to security best practices and data breaches - this masterclass will help you ensure your company knows what they need to do to remain compliant, discussing the importance of data subject rights and explaining the notifying process in the event of a breach.
Duration of Masterclass
4 hours
Breaking Bad Security: Part B
In part B, we'll outline how cybercriminals compromise organisations and how to minimise their impact if your business is targeted, detailing the protections and security testing that companies can put in place. We’ll provide insight into how to harden your systems against attacks; with further expert advice on compliance Cyber Essentials, its strengths and weaknesses, and the effective backups and recovery you can incorporate in case of a breach.
Duration of Masterclass
4 hours
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Success story

“ The support from Digital Cheshire in providing information, guiding you to develop your business and offering further funding opportunities that are available is second to none. ”

Christopher Bogg, Managing Director of dBS Solutions

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