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Develop a digital marketing strategy

For businesses wanting to accelerate their online growth, this masterclass will focus on developing your digital marketing strategy, to grow your business’ audience and revenue.

From building a digital marketing strategy to implementing tools to streamline your processes, eligible businesses will attend two masterclasses.

“The seminar has given me the confidence to build on our marketing strategy and use our experience, as a marketing team, to drive the business forward.”

Develop a digital marketing strategy: Part A
Gain a deeper understanding of buyer motivations and learn how to build a brand that stands out, with tips on profiling and how to get into the mindset of your customers, giving you the skills you need to be more effective in aligning your messaging and broadening your audience reach.
Duration of Masterclass
4 hours
Develop a digital marketing strategy: Part B
You'll learn how to maximise the role your digital channels play throughout the customer journey and you'll discover how to increase your website visibility, using organic content and paid advertising to create a digital offering that is engaging. You'll find out how search engines are displaying your business and what you can do about it, exploring ways to capitalise on your social media output, whilst developing an understanding of how to build a commanding online presence that drives traffic and customers to your website.
Duration of Masterclass
4 hours
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Success story

“ The support from Digital Cheshire in providing information, guiding you to develop your business and offering further funding opportunities that are available is second to none. ”

Christopher Bogg, Managing Director of dBS Solutions

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