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CMC Business Psychology Ltd

CMC Business Psychology Ltd are based in Chester and operate predominately in the North West of England focusing on developing people’s behaviour and leadership skills, inclusion and diversity, supporting organisations with their growth objectives. We caught up with the companies Business Psychologist, Clare Mulligan-Foster, to find out more about their journey on the Digital Cheshire Programme.

Why did you want to take part in the Digital Cheshire Programme?

As a small business owner, you do everything and with the world changing so much over the last couple of years, we knew we needed to market and promote our business in a different way. Our online presence needed enhancing and this wasn’t going to happen without quality time spent on developing a plan.

The way the pandemic has impacted the way we traditionally developed business through physical events and networking meant we needed to look at how digital platforms could support our growth objectives.

The Digital Cheshire programme empowers business owners on current trends regarding marketing and demystifies subjects where perhaps we don’t have the skill set currently. This enables businesses like us with the opportunity to take time out and focus on business development.

How did the Digital Cheshire Programme benefit your business?

The Digital Cheshire programme allowed me to take time out of the operations of the business to focus on longer term planning. It empowered me with knowledge, tools and opportunities to explore which having done that, will form part of our longer-term plan and strategy.

Since attending the Digital Cheshire Programme have you made any changes?

We started to explore our customer and audience persona’s and what we communicate with our target audience as this will have a significant impact on how we communicate across all marketing channels. A longer-term change is our current website, to ensure it communicates more effectively and works harder for the business development.

How have you found the support provided by the Digital Cheshire programme?

The programme was very well organised, with good communication throughout. From initial meetings to understand our business’s needs, right the way through to reminder emails and wrap around support. The presenters on the workshops were very well informed and generous in sharing both information and best practice. The sessions we’re later followed by summary slides to be used for future reference also.


Would you recommend this project to other SMEs across Cheshire and Warrington?

100%. It’s fully funded and accessible for business owners. It’s important we take time out of the business to reflect, learn and develop and I strongly believe if you want to develop your business, support programmes like this are vital.


“We knew we needed to develop our online presence and improve our digital footprint due to the impact of the pandemic and reduced take-up of traditional relationship-based marketing. Support programmes like this, which are fully funded and at no cost to the businesses taking part, are greatly appreciated.”

Clare Mulligan-Foster, Business Psychologist at CMC Business Psychology Ltd

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