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dBS Solutions are independent sound and lighting specialists, established in 2005 to provide a creative, bespoke service by friendly and honest staff. Since then, the business has grown providing professional audio support and lighting designs throughout the UK.

Why did you want to take part in the Digital Cheshire Programme?

With the disruption caused to the events industry for 12 to 18 months, by the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave our business time to plan, prepare and improve our business operations, processes and marketing. 

Digital Cheshire could have not picked a better time to reach out to us with a programme of masterclasses that specialised in content creation, marketing and SEO. These subjects specifically related to where we were on our journey of development, and we are so grateful they did! 

How did the Digital Cheshire Programme benefit your business?

As a business we developed a practical list of jobs and Digital Cheshire supported us with pinpointing areas where we had a level of understanding but needed much more knowledge to improve our digital presence.
All the masterclasses we attended were informative and well delivered by industry experts who are happy to take questions and really show an interest in all the business’ attending. Before Digital Cheshire we never fully explored what our digital marketing efforts could achieve for our business growth and online visibility.

Since attending the Digital Cheshire Programme have you made any changes?

Following the workshops, we were able to take our action lists and begin making improvements. From updating our Google My Business account to ensure future clients could find us via search engines to creating customer personas so we are clear as a business who we want to target any marketing activities too. 

Applying the learnings in relation to SEO and content creation for the website is something we are working on to ensure our website is not only engaging to the user, but equally as important to remain competitive in the market. 

There are more actions we are looking to put into place, but it’s important we prioritise aspects which are high priority and deliver other actions in a manageable timeframe. 

How have you found the support provided by the Digital Cheshire programme?

Digital Cheshire has been truly amazing. 

Their support in providing you with information, guiding you to develop your business and offering further development opportunities that are available is second to none. The quality and professionalism of the masterclasses and the organisation of them is outstanding. 

We have never had to wait for long periods with any query or phone call promised, the project team are prompt and totally on the ball, which really fills you with confidence when working alongside them with the programme. 


Would you recommend this project to other SMEs across Cheshire and Warrington?

I would highly recommend any small business taking up the opportunity, as this kind of support is invaluable to business today. 

three men are posing for a picture in front of speakers


“The support from Digital Cheshire in providing information, guiding you to develop your business and offering further funding opportunities that are available is second to none. ”

Christopher Bogg, Managing Director of dBS Solutions

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