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Knutsford hosts hit Digital Cheshire launch

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The Digital Cheshire programme was successfully launched at Booth Hall in Knutsford last month at an insightful and well-attended event.

The fully funded programme, which offers tailored masterclasses to SMEs in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton, was launched by Hilary Centeleghe, Head of Startup & Growth at The Growth Company, with Mark Goldsmith, Councillor (Cllr) for Cheshire East, stressing the importance of the support being offered to businesses. He said:

“We all know businesses have come through a tumultuous time and it’s important for them, now we’re moving out of that period, to have a long-term plan. The issues we faced (before Covid) are going to come back and it’s important that there are the tools in place for businesses to benefit from.

“Digital Cheshire is offering potential solutions to businesses. If they have a problem, they can access fully funded workshops which may answer the questions they have.”

Evolving into the digital future with Fully Funded Masterclasses

A taster of these workshops followed Goldsmith’s opening address, with Holly Grace Williams, MD at Akimbocore, first giving a glimpse into the world of cyber-security and what businesses can do in their day-to-day routines to counter threats, before Tanya Arturi, MD at We Disrupt, delivered a session on the future of digital business and how businesses can use new technologies to their advantage.

More information on these fully funded masterclasses can be found on the Digital Cheshire website.

The programme, run by the Growth Company in partnership with the Councils of Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Halton, and Warrington, is looking to support local businesses in demystifying the digital world by instilling confidence through knowledge and understanding

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Empowering local businesses with one-to-one support

As well as offering masterclasses, Digital Cheshire will also provide businesses with one-to-one support from a dedicated business expert whilst providing the opportunity to continue growing their networks through long-term partnership.

Goldsmith finished by declaring that this is an exciting time for local businesses, as Digital Cheshire looks to empower the region.

“In person events are going to be an important thing for businesses, especially as that is often where ideas come about. Digital Cheshire will, hopefully, only grow from this launch and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from the support and masterclasses on offer.”

If you’re an SME in the Cheshire, Warrington or Halton area that has the ambition to digitally adapt and grow, the Digital Cheshire programme is here for you. Our fully funded programme will support you develop your digital approach and guide you on your digital transformation journey.  


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