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No matter the industry you work in, navigating a business through an ever-changing digital environment is never easy; particularly, after the recent external impacts on the UK and global economy.

Through the delivery of enhanced and fully funded masterclasses, we’re on hand to help demystify the digital world, instil confidence and develop your business’ skillset.

Whether you wish to increase productivity, grow your network or identify new ways of working, our programmes, delivered by industry experts, will assist to develop your business and help expose the possibilities that digital tools can bring to your work.

We have a range of fully funded masterclasses, covering all aspects of digital technology adoption, digital marketing and more.

See how our fully-funded Masterclasses could enhance and expand your business.

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Develop a digital marketing strategy

For businesses wanting to accelerate their online growth, this masterclass will focus on developing your digital marketing strategy, to grow your business’ audience and revenue.

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Winning Contracts Through Tendering

Learn from an expert how your business can confidently and successfully tender for new business by using a four-point plan.

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Using digital tools to drive sales & increase profit

Providing expert insight into boosting sales and increasing profits by taking advantage of the digital tools available to your business.

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How to create digital marketing campaigns that engage with your customers

Realise the benefits of social media and influencer marketing, and enhance your working knowledge of paid digital advertising such as Google Ads and Pay per click (PPC).

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Breaking Bad Security

Recognise the Changing Faces of Cyber Attacks and Ensure Your Business is GDPR compliant with this 2-part masterclass by industry expert, Holly Grace Williams.

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LinkedIn Clinic

Benefit from an expert review of your business LinkedIn profile and better understand how to best engage with your audience, ensuring your profile is optimised for success

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