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Digital Marketing

Digital Cheshire’s suite of Digital Marketing workshops promise to demystify the discipline for those organisations who are looking to accelerate their growth, reach new audiences and bring clarity to their communications.

Combining speaker sessions, real-world examples, activities and challenges, delegates can expect to cover topics such as;

• Marketing strategy and fundamentals
• Understanding your audience
• Developing an omnichannel marketing plan
• Digital vs. traditional channels
• Automation and personalisation through AI
• Insights and reporting
• Digital visibility
• Social media’s role in search
• Ethical marketing – purpose beyond profit

An Introduction to Digital Marketing
Our virtual masterclass is ideal for those looking to learn remotely, but still benefit from real-world insight. Structured around the building blocks of Digital Marketing, the workshop will feature theoretical and practical activities to empower you to think differently about your digital communications.
Duration of Masterclass
4 hours
Digital Marketing; Putting Theory into Practice
Our full-day, face-to-face workshops put Digital Marketing theory into practice, exploring proven techniques and frameworks to equip yourself and your organisation with new methods to boost your visibility, nurture your audience and ultimately drive commercial impact.
Duration of Masterclass
8 hours

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