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AI & Emerging Technologies

Explore the world of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, with our comprehensive foundation for businesses eager to thrive in the digital age. From understanding the basics of AI and machine learning to exploring the potential of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), this masterclass is designed to empower SMEs with insights, practical knowledge, and a roadmap for integrating these technologies seamlessly into their operations.

Combining speaker sessions, real-world examples, activities and challenges, delegates can expect to cover topics such as;

• Scene-setting, defining AI landscape
• Integrating AI into operational workflows and automation of repetitive tasks
• Mastering the prompt
• Best practice and what not to do
• Customer service enhancement – chatbots and virtual assistants
• Data analysis and business intelligence
• Sales forecasting and predictive analysis
• Supply chain optimisation and logistics
• Employee training and development
• Future-proofing your activity

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